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Smoke Damage & Soot Removal

Fast, Reliable Smoke Damage Restoration

The restoration process must start as soon as possible after a fire to minimize further complications. The longer these soot deposits remain in place, the harder they are to remove. Our team will act fast to remove the damage from the air, walls, floors, and contents of the property.

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Importance of Smoke Damage Restoration After a Fire

Our tailored restoration process includes removing potential toxic contaminants that the property has been exposed to. When there has been a fire, you should not try to clean up or remove any contamination yourself because it can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.

Smoke contains chemicals that are dangerous to breathe in. For example, carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde come from burning materials such as carpets and furniture. Carbon monoxide gas may also be present in the air of your home if it is exposed to smoke. Asbestos is another material commonly found in homes that can cause serious illness and diseases if it is disturbed. Finally, bacteria and mould can also grow in your home after being exposed to fire damage and the water and chemicals used in extinguishing.

Odour removal is vital in the cleanup process. We specialize in efficient odour removal and air filtration techniques to ensure a fresh and clean environment. Smoke odours especially can permeate all building materials and surfaces, making them tough to eliminate.

Using state-of-the-art equipment such as thermal fogging and ozone treatment, we neutralize and eliminate smoke odours, targeting the source of the odour molecules to ensure long-lasting results.

Additionally, we employ air scrubbers and other air filtration devices to purify the air within the property, capturing and filtering out smoke particles and other contaminants. Our goal is to create a clean, healthy, and breathable environment free from the lingering effects of the fire.

With our expertise in odour removal and air filtration, you can trust us to restore the indoor air quality of your property, making it safe and comfortable for occupancy once again.

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