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Professional Sewage Cleanup

Fast, Reliable Sewage Cleanup

If a sewage backup occurs at your home or business, contact us immediately. Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause severe illnesses, The bacteria in the water can put you at risk of hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and other illnesses.

This isn't a job for you to tackle alone. We are the water damage restoration and cleanup professionals who have the right training and equipment to solve this problem.

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Professional Sewage Removal and Cleanup

Sewage backups are the most common cause of sewage water damage to a property. When wastewater pipes are blocked, sewage water can back up into your property through its plumbing system. As leaders in sewage backup cleanup, we attend to the mess, prevent mould, eliminate odour, and sanitize the damaged area for your safety. The sooner we get on the job, the better. We will quickly tackle these critical sewage cleanup tasks restoring your environment safely back to normal.

Sewage Removal and Cleanup Experts

We offer sewage backup cleanup and damage restoration services for both commercial and residential clients. We know how to provide excellent and thorough sewage removal and cleanup services that allow you to get your life back as soon as possible. When a sewage disaster strikes, we'll be there to help you reclaim your property and eliminate the threat of disease and pathogenic contamination of your property and valuables.

Don't settle for substandard sewage removal services

While the above steps may seem easy, you need to make sure you work with a professional sewage backup cleanup company. It’s not a simple case of removing the sewage and drying the property, we have to make sure your building is completely bacteria-free.

Our team of professionals ensures that your building goes through an extensive cleaning process, and doesn’t stop until we’re confident your property is completely safe.

We’ll only finish the job when the building is thoroughly sanitized and offer support through the entire process. Understandably, you want to salvage all of your personal belongings, and while we’ll do our best, we have to prioritize removing the bacteria. In some cases, you might need to throw personal belongings or soft furnishings out, but you will be able to minimize the property damage if you contact us immediately.

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Our Sewage Cleanup Process

Step 1: Sewage Removal

Sewage Cleanup

Water extraction & removal

Sewage Cleanup

Disinfect and bio-wash all areas/items affected by the sewage water

Sewage Cleanup

Document/assess damage in your property & identify the type of water damage

Sewage Cleanup

Stabilise the environment by setting up drying equipment and air filtration devices.

Step 2: Dry the Property

Sewage Cleanup

We take the necessary steps to properly dry your property in order to prevent mould growth.

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